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Store Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30am-6pm

Call: 519-625-8510

A RENT A BOX can be delivered* to your location. Once filled, delivery* to another site can be arranged or it can be stored in our secure yard until you’re ready for the contents.

Examples of the many ground-level storage solutions provided with a RENT A BOX:

  • Furniture storage and moving
  • Household items during a renovation
  • Estate items during transitions
  • Emergency restorations
  • Vehicle winter storage
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RENT A BOX range in size from 8’ x 11’ through to 8 ’x 26’. You pay only for the storage space you need!

Long-Term Rental BONUS- 12 months rental and the 13th month is FREE.

*Delivery charges based on mileage. Please contact us for pricing.


RENT A BOX’s commitment is to provide you with fair, honest and quality service.

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