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RENT A BOX is a flexible storage option, at your location or our secure yard located at 2322 Line 34 Hwy 7 & 8, ½ km west of Shakespeare.

A RENT A BOX can be delivered to your location. Once filled, delivery to another site can be arranged or it can be stored in our secure yard until you’re ready for the contents.

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Examples of the many ground-level storage solutions provided with a RENT A BOX:


  • Furniture storage and moving
  • Household items during a renovation
  • Estate items during a transition
  • Emergency restorations
  • Vehicle Winter Storage


  • Temporary job site office
  • Excess inventory storage for business
  • Construction materials during a building or renovation project

RENT A BOX range in size from 8’ x 11’ through to 8 ’x 26’. You pay only for the storage space you need!

Long Term Rental BONUS- 12 months rental and the 13th month is FREE

*Delivery charges based on mileage. Please contact us for pricing.

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